May 8th to 9th 2020

BYOU – Bring Your Own Use

We would like to help reduce the consumption of disposable packaging therefore BYOU. The runners have had to bring soup cups etc. during the course for several years, now the runners also have to bring cup / mugs, plate and cutlery for after the race where there will be pasta and meat sauce. Accept our new initiative.

Raceinfo for Salomon Hammer Trail:

Distances & start time

    • 100 miles, May 8th at 8.00
    • 50 miles, May 9th at 0.01
    • 50k, May 9th at 00.15
    • 25k, May 8th at 18.30 (Pandelampe skal medbringes)
    • 25k, May 9th at 10.00
    • 17k, May 8th at 17.00
    • 8k, May 8th at 17.30
    • 8k, May 9th at 10.10
    • WALK 25k, May 9th at 7.00
    • WALK 8k, May 8th at 17.30
    • WALK 8k, May 9th at 10.10
    • 1k race for kids, May 9th at 10.30 (free)

All races start at the parking place by the Hammer Lake.

Minimum age for participation

      • 100 miles and 50 miles: 18 years
      • 50k: 18 year
      • 17k: 15 year
      • 8k: 10 year

Qualification requirements for participation in 100 mile and 50 miles

To participate in 100 miles you have to be experienced trail runner.


      • 100 miles, 7 loops where runners change direction after finishing one loop
      • 50 miles, 4 loops where runners change direction after finishing one loop
      • 50k, 2 loops where second loop is in opposite directione of the first
      • 25K, 1 round

ATTENTION: All routes are all trail with a minimum of asphalt. For the 50/100 miles there will be 3000/6000 positive altitudemeteres. If the 100 miles runners do not finish within the timelimit but reach 50 miles within the timelimit then the runner will be given 2 points for the UTMB



Registration fees

100 miles, 800 – March 1th 900 – May 2th 1.000

50 miles, 700 March 1th 800 – May 2th 900

50k, March 1th 650 – May 2th 750

25k, March 1th 475 – May 2th 550

17k, March 1th 350 – May 2th 400

8k, March 1th 225 – May 2th 250

WALK 25k, March 1th 475 – May 2th 550

WALK 8k, March 1th 225 – May 2th 250

List of participants

Aid stations

There will be 2 depots on the route. A main depot at Hammerport and a fluid depot at Jon’s chapel.

Main Depot:

Coca-cola,  sports drink, coco-cola, water, coffee, tea, juice, Chips, peanuts, 2 kinds of soup, candy, chocolate, banana, orange

For 100 miles trailes, there will be sandwiches Friday afternoon and hot food on Friday evening and night and (breakfast from 6.00 Saturday morning only for 50 and 100 miles)

Depot at Jon’s chapel:

Water,  sports drink, coca-cola, tea, coffee, soup, chips, peanuts. It is possible to be self-catering in the main depot at the start / finish.

100 miles
1. round (4 k), 30 min
2. round (30k)  5 hour 45 min
3. round (56k) 11 hour
4. round (82k) 16 hour 15 min
5. round (108k) 21 hour 30 min
6. round (134k) 26 hour 45 min
7. round and (161 k) 32 hour

50 miles
1. round (2k) 30 min
2. round (28k) 5 hour 40 min
3. round (54k) 10 hour 50 min
4. Round (80k) 16 hour

Timelimit for 100 miles is 32 hours and for 50 miles 16 hours.


1. round (25K), 5 hour

2. round (50K), 11 hour
Round (25K), 6 hour.

Race Management reserves the right during the race to stop runners who do not meet the above cutoff-times and exclusion is closed for discussion, as the time requirements must be meet for implementation of the race.


Medals for all who complete within time limits and winner awards.

Mandatory safety equipment

    • Liquid Belt / Camelback at least 1 liter
    • Headlights, with replaceable batteries + extra batteries (only at 50 and 100 miles)
    • Plaster 5 ps. / bandage 3m
    • Drink / soup-cup serving only drinks / soup in your own cup
    • Flute
    • Mobile phone

At all distances, a check of mandatory equipment is made as spotchecks.


Look under Rules

Prize: Belt buckle

men 100 miles 29 hours and 50 miles in 12 hours

women 100 miles 32 hour and 50 miles 13 hour

Starting numbers

From thursday 9. may from 18-19 and friday from 8.00

Start number must be collected within 1 hour before the start.

Numbers i going to be on the front. Its not allowed to bend it. If the number not are visible 15 min time penalty

Prize giving

When the three first runners has past finishline


All runners will receive a bracelet to be worn throughout the race. Supporters who have purchased barbecue must also wear the bracelet as a passport to the depot and catering. There will not be given any meals without bracelets (please respect this since we have so many trailers on the hammer trail – thank you).

Runners may only receive support in the head depot, within the designated area. All supporters must wear support ID, giving them access to run area. Provision of support ID, must be made at registration and it is only possible to have a supporter. If you require a Supporter you must send us info on this – name and who provided support. A supporter must be in place before the start and cannot be assigned during the race unless this is agreed with the race management.

It is possible to fill its camelbag / liquid bladder before starting. Trailers may only receive at the depot at main depot at Hammersø.

Trailers must bring their own mug to div. beverage in stores.

Important that the sheep do not run out of fences, so remember to close the doors. The route is measured several times with Suunto Ambit and is 25 km.

It is possible to define a dropbag in the main depot. There will be control of your equipment during the race, preferably in the main depot.

There is a toilet and opportunity bath at Hammerhavn. 300.m from startplace On the route, there are toilets at Vang port and parking place by Jon chapel at both locations will also be able to fill his water bladder / dunk.

There will be parking at Hammersø.

Bus connection – use route 2 see more


The route is marked with strips and there is max 250 m between each marking, so if you do not see a strip within approx. 200-300 m, then you’re off the route. There will be reflections and bright red / white lights on the route at night and signs where to turn.

We hope to run live coverage of the race on Facebook Group-Salomon Hammer Trail and on our website Let family and friends will follow you throughout the race. Sends the greetings and we will pass them on to you during the race.

Start and finish

Hammersø, parking at Hammersøvej, Sandvig, 3770 Allinge

Please contact us if you have questions