Hammer Trail Winter Edition is held every year in January on Bornholm in the same area as the main event in May. Distances vary from 8 km to 50 miles. Weather on Bornholm in January can be unpredictable: some years it has been quiet and sunny, other years Bornholm has had heavy snow and cold winds.

Where is the start / finish
Domen, Strandvejen 1, 3770 Allinge

Info for the race


Start Times
• 50 miles – at. 06.00
• 65k – at. 8.00
• Marathon (43k) – at. 10.00
• ½ marathon (21,75 k) – at. 12.00
• 10,5k – at. 11.00. Start at Hammerhavnen. Bus from Domen at. 10.30 to start.

Mandatory safety equipment (50 miles, 65k, marathon and ½ marathon)
• Liquid Belt / Camelback at least 1 liter or 2×500 ml
• Headlights (only at 50 miles and marathon) It’s getting dark at 16.30
• Plaster 5 pc. / bandage 4 meter
• Drink / soup-cup serving only drinks / soup in your own cup
• Flute
• Survivelblanket
• Mobile phone
Timelimits and cutoff’s

50 miles – this is crossing times in the main depot

    • Loop – 3 hours 30 min
    • loop – 7 hours
    • loop – 11 hours
    • loop and finish line 15 hours

The buckle is given to trailers who complete the 50 miles below 11 hours and 15 min

If any changes in weather conditions should occur, the cutoff time will be changed

65 km – this is crossing times in the main depot

    • Loop – 3 hours 30 min
    • loop – 7 hours
    • loop and finish line 11 hours



    • loop – 3 hours 30 min
    • loop and finish line 8 hours


Salomon Hammer Trail Winter edition is in hilly terrain, no ponds but with a minimum of asphalt. The race is run on trails and small gravel roads. One round will be 21,75 k.

When crossing the asphalt road, the Road Traffic Act must be observed. At start / finish, pedestrian crossing must be used.

Starting numbers
Start number and chip must be collected within 1/2 hour before the start.  Startnumbers can also be pick up Friday between 18-20.30 at the Dome In Allinge.

There will be 2 depots on the route. A main depot at Domen and a fluid depot at Hammer Harbour.
Main Depot:
Coca-cola, sports drink, hot cocoa, water, coffee, tea, chips, peanuts, soup, candy, chocolate, banana, orange, french fries, hot food.
Depot at Hammer harbour:
Water, sports drink, coca-cola, chips, peanuts.

It is possible to be self-catering in the main depot at the start / finish.

Prize giving
Prize-giving ceremony will takes place from 14.30.

BYOU – Bring Your Own Use

We would like to help reduce the consumption of disposable packaging therefore BYOU. The runners have had to bring soup cups etc. during the course for several years, now the runners also have to bring cup / mugs, plate and cutlery for after the race where there will be pasta and meat sauce. Accept our new initiative.

All runners will receive a bracelet to be worn throughout the race. There will not be given any meals without bracelets

    • It is possible to fill its camelbag / liquid bladder before starting.
    • Trailers may only receive at the depot at main depot at Domen.
    • Important that the sheep do not run out of fences, so remember to close the doors.
    • The route is measured several times with Suunto Ambit 3 and is 21,75k. 730hm+
    • It is possible to define a dropbag in the main depot. There will be control of your equipment during the race, preferably in the main depot.
    • On the route, there are toilets at Hammer harbor (100m away from track)


    • Taxi – Dan Taxi +45 70 25 25 25

The route is marked with strips and orange flags and there is max 200 m between each marking, so if you do not see a strip within approx. 300-400 m, then you’re off the route. There will be reflections and bright red/ white lights on the route at night and signs where to turn.

We hope to run live coverage of the race on Facebook Group-Solomon Hammer Trail. Let family and friends will follow you throughout the race. Sends the greetings and we will pass them on to you during the race.


We recommend

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